Why Am I Doing This?

I have been honored to have members of the Disney family’s safety entrusted to me. And I’ve really enjoyed each and every ride. I’ve learned so much about Disney recently, and had some really good belly laughs with some incredible people from all over the world. I just want to share with the rest of the world how happy I am to be evenĀ a remote part of the Disney equation!

What Can You Expect?

Depending on how involved you care to be, I would ultimately like to have a video blog of the highlights of each of our trips together. I will also post some afterthoughts and ask for your interaction in the comments section of each post. Eventually I would love to have a YouTube channel with me as the host, and you as the stars!

How Will I Accomplish This?

With your permission, of course, I will shoot a wide angle view of the trip from a rear view mirror mounted camera. I can always blur out your face if you don’t care to be identified, but I would really like to have the trip documented on video. If that is still asking too much, I’ll only tweet the basic non-personal trip details, my observations and comments.

When Will The Trip’s Blog Be Posted?

As soon as possible. I normally have time between trips that I can edit and post each trip and I plan on keeping it very simple. If this grows into something more complex it may take some time. I anticipate making a “best of” highlights video from, well, the best trips!


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