Terms & Conditions, Definitions, & Responsibilities

Uber Magic

Uber Magic (referred to as “the site”, “the service”, “the product”, “the owner”, “the author”, “Eric”, “Eric James”, “Eric James Hutchison”, “me”, “my”, “myself”, “mine”, “we”, “us”, “its”, or “the company”) is the sole beneficiary of all original material (referred to as “the blog”, “post”, “posts”, “pages”, “images”, “graphics”, “ideas”, “concepts”, or “content”) on said site and accompanying advertising, marketing, or promotional material (referred to as “email”, “newsletters”, “leaflets”, “flyers”, “posters”, “display ads”, “presentations”, etc.)

Our Responsibilities & Fair Use

Such content is the exclusive copyrighted material of Uber Magic and shall not be reproduced or distributed commercially without the express written consent of Uber Magic or its affiliates. Any copyrighted material or trademarked names or verbiage on the site has been given proper credit or used in accordance with The United States Fair Use Act.

Fair use does not supersede United States privacy laws. See Privacy section here.

Your Responsibilities

You (referred to as the “partner”, “affiliate”, “cast member”, “client”, “customer”, “consumer”, “rider”, “passenger”, “guest”, “family”, “member”, “a person”, or “others”) agree that you have granted Uber Magic express verbal permission to use your likeness for broadcast or digital transmission for entertainment, educational, informational, and marketing purposes by allowing yourself to be filmed in accordance with the governing privacy laws of The United States of America.

Objection To Transmit Likeness

Any objection to the above statements or previously videotaped verbal permission to broadcast or transmit a person’s likeness must be explicitly expressed in writing by contacting Uber Magic and stating as much. Uber Magic accepts no liability in change of heart after the fact without express written consent.

Cease And Desist

Uber Magic will gladly cease and desist any actions which infringe upon any lawful rights and respectfully requests all parties consider the same without the need or threat of arbitration or litigation.


Any concerns regarding personal privacy or information, copyright, distribution, or responsibility issues not addressed or considered in this document should also be brought to the attention of Uber Magic in writing so it can be resolved immediately.