Your Personal Privacy

Your privacy is of utmost importance to maintaining the integrity of Uber Magic. Plain and simple. I will never reveal anything you don’t want revealed publicly or privately, and I will always ask for your express permission before doing so.

Your Personal Information

To make this a fun-filled partnership, I am requesting that you sign up as a member so we can interact together on the site, and so I can send you updates and special offers if you choose to indicate interest in any service or products with certain features that benefit your life and add value to your experience with Uber Magic or its related partners.

The bottom line is your personal information is safe with me. I will never sell or distribute any personal information about you to third parties without your express written consent.

Demographic Information

With that being said, and to improve the quality of service between myself, Uber, Walt Disney World, and our respective affiliates, I will collect and store non-personal, non-identifying demographic information about all my guests for the purpose of future data analysis and marketing projections.

Voluntary Information

For the purpose of Uber Magic’s credibility, and to discourage and invalidate anonymous negative commentary, I do ask that any testimony you make, good or bad, in reference to me or my service, is accompanied by your name, age, and city of residence.

Cease And Desist

Uber Magic will gladly cease and desist any actions which infringe upon any lawful rights and respectfully requests all parties consider the same without the need or threat of arbitration or litigation.


Any concerns regarding personal privacy or information, copyright, distribution, or responsibility issues not addressed or considered in these documents should also be brought to the attention of Uber Magic in writing so it can be resolved immediately.