@UberMagicMan – Eric James Hutchison

Eric has been driving for Uber since November, 2016, and prefers to stay exclusively on Disney property. He chauffeurs kids, young and old, to and from The Magic Kingdom (TMK).

However, Eric has never personally been to Disneyworld. Yes, you read that correctly. Eric James Hutchison, a 50-year-old kid, has never been to Disneyworld! And that makes him very, very sad. 😦 Awww…don’t you feel sorry for him? 🙂

Eric is anxiously planning his first trip to the most magical place on Earth…ASAP! “I need to have that common bond with my riders, to say: Yeah! I love that too!” Until that time, Eric enjoys Disney magic vicariously through his riders’ warm and fuzzy experiences that aren’t over just because they leave the boundaries of the park…

These are their stories of…Uber Magic!